Posted by: jawsome | March 8, 2009

Longest run EVAR

So we went down to Tustin yesterday for the Counting Coup. What time did we get up, you ask? 1:45AM. Lovely. We drove down and Matt started at 5:30. I drove to the finish at O’Neil park (which was closed, BTW – another reason you should do some research before going to away events). It turns out that the actual finish line was on a private road with limited parking, so they were hosting the finish in O’Neil park about 2 miles down the road. Since the park was closed and I had nothing else to do at 6am, I drove to the actual finish. Turns out I was so early I got one of the coveted spots! It was still dark, so I took a nap for an hour or so before starting my run around 7:30.

The run was on a fire road all the way up Trabuco canyon, so it was nice and wide open. I tried out my new hand-held water bottle (love it), and jogged on up the road. Jogged is the operative word for the first five miles as the road was a gradual uphill (about 600ft in 5 miles). I suck at hills, as you probably know by now, so the going was slow. I think the frustrating thing was that the steepness was so shallow as to be barely perceptible visibly – but fairly obvious according to my Garmin (slow!). By the time I got to the five mile point, I was questioning my fitness. The first five miles felt kind of like a slog, but then I turned around. I barely remember the second half it went by so fast. What a breeze to glide down gentle downhills. However, by this time all the fishing, hiking, and off-roading enthusiasts had pulled themselves out of bed and were out in force. I kept expecting rude comments (which tend to be par for the course when I run in a tank top), but either I scared everyone with the gritty, determined look on my face or the people in that area are unusually polite. Made for a nicer run for me, anyway.

The plan was to get back to the finish area and then drive to O’Neil park so I could set up a little rest area for us (as Matt and I would both be really tired). As I was coming past the finish line however, I heard someone say Matt’s name – turns out he was in first place! No time for me to do anything other than down some Endurolytes. Matt rolled in for a first place in the 44 mile Counting Coup. Woot! And I did 10.25 miles, which is my longest run to date.

In other news, my hip has been really bugging me. At first I thought it was my IT band, but now I’m thinking it’s one of those little pesky hip flexor muscles. Matt kindly bought me Chi Running, which focuses on form. It looks good – so I’m going to try it out.

Happy running!



  1. Hi Joselyne, I enjoy reading your blogs now and again, and keeping up on your running! I’m impressed that you stick with it even when you are sick and have aches and pains. I also enjoy your writing style! Happy training!

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