Posted by: jawsome | March 6, 2009

On tempo runs, intervals, and why I obviously don’t push hard enough in races

I went out today for an interval run and got more than I bargained for. Sometimes the Garmin is a blessing, and sometimes that little bastard just knows how to push my buttons. I was feeling really good (I think the cold is banished, finally) so I started out fast. I was surprised to see 8:44 for my first mile, but felt good so kept going. I was supposed to do 3 miles, then 2×2:00, 2:30; 1×3:00, 2 miles. By the time I got to 2.5 miles, I noticed that I was going so fast I had a chance to beat my 5k PR ON A TRAINING RUN. What is the matter with me? I couldn’t resist, so I booked it in for a 27:47 3.1 – the exact time I got on my 5k a week and a half ago. Weird! Matt and I have been trying to figure out why my HR in training runs is so similar to my HR in races. I think I know why now – I’m kind of a chicken. I’m afraid to push it as hard as I can in a race for fear I might fail. What if I blow up and have to drop out?

This is my first year of running, so I’m not going to be too hard on myself, but it is some fuel for thought. Still, it is good to see my training times getting steadily faster. I did the 5 miles of today’s workout in 47 minutes. Woot!



  1. See, I suspected you were faster than me (you’re smaller and stronger) and yet you get similar times as I do. You’re going to be kicking my butt once you figure out your actual race pace! But like you, being a first year runner, I’m trying not to push myself TOO hard. I really don’t want to get hurt.

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