Posted by: jawsome | March 6, 2009

Counting Coup

Well, you probably all know by now that I’m Matt’s biggest fan. I have really enjoyed traveling with him to a couple races and getting my long runs in as well. This weekend we are embarking on an epic journey. We’re driving down to Tustin for the Counting Coup. This is a gnarly 44 mile MTB race that should take around 4-5 hours. While Matt is racing, I will be running my first 10+ mile run. I’ve done 10 miles before, so I’m going to make this 10.5 so it can be my longest run ever. So excited.

But…a trip of this magnitude requires preparation. I went to the running store today and made a few necessary (and a few impulse) purchases. I got some new running shorts, as I envision my tights will be a trifle warm for the summer (and they were on sale). I also bought a hand-held water bottle. I have an amphipod that Matt got me for Christmas, but for my longer runs it’s just not enough water (esp. on hot days). We’re going to be out there for several hours, so I have a gear list. Forgive me for boring you – you can stop reading here!

Running clothes

Amphipod belt + handheld water with one bottle full of heed and a block (I forgot to pick up a gu – I’m *gulp* going to try them)

Ice chest full of food (I nearly died at the last race waiting for food)

Post-run beer

Tent for relaxing/napping (we have to leave at 2am)

Camp chairs

iPod + Garmin

Trail shoes

Bandaids (I drew first blood on my last run – yeah!)

First aid kit

I’m probably forgetting something important…


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