Posted by: jawsome | March 5, 2009

Diary of a sick runner/blogger

I know I have only had this cold for a week, but it feels like forever! I think my 9 mile run on Sunday was a bad idea. I was feeling better so I thought it would be fine. It probably would have been fine, if I had eaten a good meal right after, had some vitamin C, and spent the rest of the day relaxing. What did I do instead? Small snack, not enough water, 85+ degree temps outside in the SUN for 3 more hours. And I got sunburned. Is anyone else surprised that my cold took a turn for the worse the next day? So Monday and Tuesday were a bust – I even had to cancel my clients on Tuesday for fear of snotting on them (Matt thinks this could be a new kind of exposure therapy for germophobes, but I’m not sure…)

So what did I do today? Any guesses? Did I sit at home and relax, and work on my dissertation like a good sick graduate student? Nope. I ran for an hour in the rain. Yeah, I’m not smart sometimes. But, I did proceed to eat an enormous burrito, drink lots of vitamin C, cuddle on my couch and drink water. And take vitamins. I’m pretty beat, but I’m hoping for the best. As for my dissertation…well, I looked at it. I thought about it. I might have typed a word or two.

At least running as a form of procrastination has some positive health benefits. Umm, at least when you’re not sick already…


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