Posted by: jawsome | March 2, 2009

Race day run

Today’s nine mile run had it all: a new, far away location, challenging course (course? what course? you mean the random trails, dams, parking lots and backyards I ran through?), heat, and me still recovering from my cold. All the requirements necessary for a good suffer-fest.

Matt had his first official US cup race today, in which he raced Cat 1 (formerly called “expert”, one level below  pro). The race was at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, so we left the house around 6:45. It was scheduled to be a warm day (75+), so I decided to head out for my run as soon as we got there (even though Matt and Bob weren’t scheduled to start until 12:30).

As predicted, my run was a suffer-fest. The first two miles were ok, but after that it started getting really hot. I was unfamiliar with the area, and trying to avoid the mountain bike course, so I just rambled along and ended up running in some really random places. At one point I ran through a backyard on my way to a dam over a resovoir. It was pretty hot and had lots of short little steep pitches that kept throwing off my groove. I definitely did not have enough water, but whatever. I knew I wasn’t even going to come close to my 1:30 of a couple weeks ago, so my goal became just to finish the distance. The last 2 miles contained a lot of walking because I ended up on one of the race trails and there were mountain bikers coming at me from all directions.

All in all, not my best performance but I’m proud that I stuck with it through the discomfort. Hopefully next week will be better!

I may not have had the best day, but Matt rocked his race. Worried that expert would be too challenging and that he would get his but handed to him, Matt instead came in with a fantastic 3rd place! Awesome!



  1. […] and parked right next to a nice park with some soon-to-be-much-needed shade. Jos went off for a 9 mile run (which, in my mind, is way more hardcore than anything us MTBers did on this […]

  2. Hell yea! Way to stick with the suffer-fest. I had a major suffer-fest this weekend too…

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