Posted by: jawsome | February 25, 2009


Matt has been sick for about a week, and just as I thought I might narrowly escape this one I woke up with a sore throat. Bummer. The good news is that I actually got some work done today (not a lot, but some), and have been able to relax. Plus Lost is on tonight.

The bad news is my 6 mile run yesterday was HARD, and I think my HR is out of control. When I do training runs, my HR is not that much lower than races. On an average training run, my HR ranges from 155-170. During a race, I peak at 186. Am I running too hard during my training runs? Or is it normal to have such a high HR? The thing that’s frustrating is I’m not pumping out 7 minute miles or anything – these are 9-10 minute miles. What’s going on? I feel fine, but I’m afraid my heart is going to explode. It doesn’t help that Matt’s a cyclist and his HR hardly ever gets high. I feel abnormal. And why was my 9 mile run last week good, and my 6 mile run this week crappy? Maybe my body knew it was getting sick already. Yeah, I’m gonna just latch onto that.

So now I’m sitting here blogging and feeling sorry for myself when I should be doing my core workout. Billy Blanks – even your neon spandex is not enough to interest me today.

7 miles tomorrow with intervals. We’ll see how THAT goes…


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