Posted by: jawsome | February 22, 2009

I’m fit, right?

What a humbling workout! I know intellectually that biking uses different muscles in different ways than running, but I still thought today’s ride would be no problem. Ha! This is me, “oh yeah, Matt, we’ll ride 9 miles, then I’ll run up Ballard Canyon (3/4 mile) then run back down, get my bike, and ride back up, then we’ll ride another 12 miles back to the car. No problem.”  Ha, I say again.

First of all, my legs were a little tired from yesterday’s run, but that’s no excuse. Things were fine until Ballard canyon, but that hill kicked my butt. It’s not that bad in terms of steepness or length, but apparently I am not in as good of shape as I thought! I decided to bike up and see how I felt, and I was barely moving by the top and forced Matt to stop and take a water break.

At the top of Ballard Canyon

At the top of Ballard Canyon

After the hill of death (needless to say I did NOT run it), there were several lovely downhill/flat miles through rolling wine country. A suitable reward for both my pathetic biking attempt, and also for the half-marathon course. I am really looking forward to that part of the race. After several miles of glorious downhill, we come to chalk hill. Chalk hill in itself is a rather grandiose name for such a small bump in the road, but to me at this point in our ride (and I’m sure during the half) it felt like Everest. Note to self: do more biking before attempting again!

Finally we got to the finish area in Solvang (race starts in Santa Ynez and goes through Los Olivos). Unfortunately for me, we still had several miles to go to get back to the car. All in all we did 21 miles, and I bonked at the end. Had absolutely nothing left. I felt more tired after that ride (in which I only burned 740 calories) than I did after my 9 mile run (in which I burned almost 1000). Go figure. I think I’ll stick with running!!

Matt, the big showoff, continued riding and decided to ride the god-knows-how-many miles home. No thanks! I drove my aching butt (literally!) to the Chicken Ranch and immediately scarfed a huge burrito. Sooooo goooood.

Now, I am doing nothing for the rest of the day. Wouldn’t it be nice if none of us had to work? We could do long workouts like this, be in killer shape, and eat all the food we wanted. Dream on, Jawsome!

Matt and I relaxing California Style at the Amgen Tour

Matt and I relaxing California Style at the Amgen Tour



  1. They are really different. You can’t judge your fitness by that. Judge it by the sport you are training for! And if you can even run 9 miles at all – like you just did – you are very fit!

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