Posted by: jawsome | February 21, 2009

Jawsome is Back

I’ve really taken it easy this week in terms of running. The ‘ol ITB has been bugging me, so so far this week I’ve only done five miles of running (and 5 miles of walking). Compared to last week’s 22 miles, that’s pretty weak!  Whatever, man. 🙂

I’ve decided to run Roses en la Playa (5k) tomorrow morning. A 5k is a good distance to help me get my groove back without hurting myself (Ha! Which makes me laugh because I used to find a 5k really intimidating). I really wish they hadn’t changed the course – it used to be a lovely downhill 3 miles to the beach, and now it’s 1.5 miles uphill and then a turnaround. Ugh. Oh well. I should hopefully do better than last year’s pace of 33:13:05 (which isn’t so much a bad time, until you consider it was all downhill!).

I’ve been working on my iPod playlist for the race. Here’s my random selection for your perusal:

1. Take Five – Dave Brubeck (warmup)

2. I know I’m Not Alone – Michael Franti

3. Reckoner – Radiohead

4. Samskeyti – Sigur Ros

5. Pain – Jimmy Eat World (end of the mellow)

6. Stage – Live (lots of screaming)

7. ‘Till I Collapse – Eminem

8. Lose Yourself – Eminem

The last two are really a last resort – sometimes I need someone to scream and yell at me, but I’m hoping it will be more zen than that! I really lik the Sigur Ros song – it’s a nice mellow piano (no vocals) that has a perfect beat for my running cadence.

Yeah I have weird taste. Wish me luck!


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