Posted by: jawsome | February 18, 2009

Time Off

I decided to take the day off running today because my IT band has been bugging me (right side). I think my right side in general is out of alignment, because that’s the knee that was hurting a few weeks ago. I also noticed that when I do balance exercises on my right leg, I’m much more wobbly. Need to work on that.

So I was sitting around the house procrastinating (my dissertation), and feeling logey. I think it’s great that if I go more than one day without running I start feeling antsy – means my body likes exercise!  Japhy was also looking very depressed, so I decided we would go for a walk out on our normal Mesa run loop.  Man am I glad we did!

It’s been raining like crazy here these last few weeks, and in this one day of sun the Mesa looked transformed. One (of the many) nice thing about living in California is the mini-spring we get in February. After the rains, it stays warm enough here that all the grass and flowers start growing. The mesa was spectacular as we’ve had more rain than usual this year. Japhy and I meandered along and it was wonderful. The walk solidified my feeling that I should take the day off running, because even walking my IT was nagging me. The thought of running on it was unpleasant. It’s feeling a little better today though, so let’s hope by tomorrow I’m ready for my intervals. This IT pain actually came at a perfect time (if that’s possible) in my training, because this is a down-mileage week for me anyway (only a 5k race this weekend, no long run).

Happy (walking)!


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