Posted by: jawsome | February 14, 2009

Valentine’s Day Extravaganza

Ooh, extravaganza sounds so exciting! 🙂

Matt is actually away at a bike race this weekend, so we celebrated on Thursday. We’re not big valentine’s people, but I was hoping for a card or flowers or something similar. For Matt, I made Key Lime Cheesecake. Matt’s two favorite desserts are Key Lime Pie and cheesecake – so what could be better than combining them? Also, this dessert had the added benefit (so I thought) of not really being that appealing to me. We had a lovely dinner at a fave Mexican food restaurant, and headed home to share a bottle of wine. I got my flowers AND a card 🙂 and Matt loved his cheesecake. Unfortunately, I have discovered that there is apparently no dessert that is safe from my scarfilicious nature. Mmm, cheesecake. Oh well.

Today was my first nine mile run, and I decided to do it out in Los Olivos where I had such a great 8 miler a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I seem to be entering a contest for most hours spent sleeping. Seriously, I’ve always been a champion sleeper (not functional on less than 8 hours), but ever since I started this running thing my somnolence is getting out of control. Who sleeps ten hours a day? Yikes. So I didn’t make it out until around 10 this morning, which meant there was more traffic than was ideal (during the run). I remembered my last run as starting too slow, so I tried to pick it up for the first 2 miles. Success! Then came that bleep of a hill, which took away all the time I had gained :(. I love my virtual competitor on my Garmin, I feel like I’m always chasing that little guy down.

On this run, there is a long gradual downhill after you summit. By long I mean 3 miles. Going down = bliss, but made me sad about the idea of going back up again. So, instead of doing an out and back, I decided to make a big loop. The only problem was, I wasn’t really sure there WAS a loop. At about mile 6 I was beginning to worry that my 9 mile run might turn into a 13 or so mile run (not a good idea at this stage of my training). Luckily, it turned out to be 9.5 miles, which gave me a perfect .5 mile cool down. Yay.

Splits. My one complaint with the touch-feature on the Garmin (because I’m still getting used to it) is that during a 9-mile slog-a-thon I forget which poorly marked button does what. As a result, my splits after mile 6 are all screwy because I kept accidentally hitting the “lap” button. Here’s what I pieced together:

Mile One:  09:33:31

Mile Two:  09:15:54

Mile Three:  12:12:42 (hill) – about 40 seconds slower than the 8 mile run – I was paying for those early fast miles

Mile Four:  08:37:23 (wheeee! downhill)

Mile Five:  09:55:01

Mile Six:  09:26:13

Mile Seven: 10:38:04

Mile Eight:  09:01:08

Mile Nine:  9:52:93

Yay! That means I ran nine miles at a 9:54 pace! Granted, there were one or two stops where the Garmin stopped while I asked for directions (2 minutes) and wolfed down some water and a block (1 minute) so really my real time was 1:33:something, not the glorious 1:29:12 on my Garmin. Oh well, getting there!  I love it that I ran this 9 miles at a faster pace than I ran the 8 miles two weeks ago. Success!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!


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