Posted by: jawsome | February 12, 2009

More intervals

Man, the rainy weather we have been having is KILLING my motivation. Today I was supposed to do intervals (2m, 2x[1:00, 1:30, 2:00], 2m), and I did it but it was HARD to get moving. I’ve been reading Lance Armstrong’s first book, and wishing I had a similar book from a runner. Anyone know any good running books (biography type, not training)? I’ve read Ultramarathon Man, but that’s it. Often I find reading about running helps get me out the door.

I also did some crunches and lifting, which has been less present in my workouts (and much needed!). I have also decided that it’s probably time to stop eating so much ice cream. Maybe I should start buying those little mini Haagen Daz ice creams…gotta have at least something sweet.

I’m also struggling with doing my core workouts because they are SO BORING. I know I need to do them for toning, but that’s less important than the fact that it will really help me avoid injury. If I could just find a way to make it interesting…



  1. heya – not sure if this is what you are looking for, but in the latest issue of Competitor magazine, this book was listed. It sounds interesting. My First 100 Marathons: 2,620 Miles with an Obsessive Runner by Jeff Horowitz.

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