Posted by: jawsome | February 9, 2009


Treadmilling in the rain the other day made me feel kind of lame, so I decided to suck it up and run in the rain this morning for my 5 mile run.  Oh, and did I mention that when I get determined to do something it tends to get more and more extreme until it borders on ridiculous? Well, that happens some times. 🙂

I decided that I’m bored with my usual runs in the ‘hood. I needed an escape, so I decided to run up on Camino Cielo, which is a long road on the ridgeline of the mountains above Santa Barbara. It was clearing up at my house when I left, but I brought gloves and a hat and fleece just in case. Thank goodness…

I started at the road closure, and planned to go about 2.5 miles up the road (up being the operative word). It was slow and really foggy. I decided to wear my hat, gloves and fleece. About .5 miles up it started raining. As I gained elevation it started coming down in freezing rain.  After about a mile, it was SNOWING. Yes, snowing. meanwhile I’m cracking up on my run, because it is basically the most miserable conditions you could imagine. Cold, foggy, really windy, with stinging ice and snow particles flying around. Buahahahahaha, nature I conquer you!

Turning around was actually worse, because then I was running into the driving snow/ice/rain. Lovely. But I did the whole 5 miles. I had ice caked on my gloves, hat and fleece, but was glad to take them off and get into my warm car. I wanted a hardcore workout, and now I feel hardcore. Mission accomplished.  🙂


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