Posted by: jawsome | February 3, 2009

Drills Day

Note to self: Japhy does not help with drills! I did a 5 mile run this morning and incorporated some of my new running drills. These were different variations on accelerations. I did the drills during the second mile after my warm-up, while my legs were still fresh. Japhy was still fresh too, and his frolicking on the bike path with the copious leashed dogs (Japhy is off-leash) makes me nervous. People in my ‘hood have some poorly trained dogs, and they always yell at me for having Japhy off leash. I know it’s hard if you have an aggressive dog, but sometimes I want to tell them that maybe they should spend some time socializing/training their pet. Probably not helpful.

Anyway, the drills were somewhat compromised by Japhy’s antics but I did them anyway. After about 3 miles he was looking a little droopy, so I swung back by the house and dropped him off. The last two miles were fine, nice morning and lots of other runners/walkers out. I need to find another secluded spot for my running (safe from yelling neighbors!)

My right knee is still pestering me, but I’ve starting doing ball squats and lunges in the mornings so maybe that will help :/  not sure what else to do.  I might start iceing it after runs as well.

Tomorrow is Pilates, and Wed. will see more interval training. Woot.


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