Posted by: jawsome | January 31, 2009

8 mile run in wine country

Today I took advantage of Matt’s bike race to get a nice long run in. This way, I can participate in his races (and get some race feel myself) and still have time for my own run. I started out near Foxen Canyon. The first 3 miles were very gentle uphill, followed by about a mile of less gentle uphill. The hill was pretty long, and I was really proud of myself for making it all the way up to the top.

I wish I had some pictures – it was about 8:30 in the morning, beautiful cool and clear, and there I was in the lovely rolling vineyards. Just me and the cows!  I startled a bunch of them as I came up the hill, and the mooed at me in bovine consternation.

I stopped after 4 miles to inhale some jelly beans, which are my new fav running food. It was so nice to have my fuel belt with me – I’ve been really dehydrated on my last couple runs so it was nice to know it was there (thanks Matt!!) I turned around and started cooking down the downhill, but my feet are not quite as light as feathers and the jouncing started hurting my knee. I really tried to work on my form and it helped a little, but I had to slow down toward the bottom and shake my legs out. The last two miles were a gentle downhill back to the car, and you will see by my mile splits that I was still feeling good. After looking at my data, I think I could have pushed it a little harder. C’est la vie.

Here’s the data:

Mile 1:             10:09:32

Mile2:              10:35:83

Mile 3:             11:26:06

Mile 4: (hill) 11:47:45

Mile 5:            11:42:83

Mile 6:            10:19:87

Mile 7:           10:04:87

Mile 8:              8:41:04

I can’t believe I did the last mile in 8:41 – clearly not pushing enough earlier!  🙂 Overall time 1:24:47. Not too bad, I’ll take it. This coming week will be my first full training week – wish me luck!

EDIT – I neglected to mention that Matt came in SECOND PLACE in his race! Sarah P and John C were also out in force representing the ‘Ranch and UCSB. Silly bikers. Who needs a bike to get them from place to place? 😉



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