Posted by: jawsome | January 29, 2009

First day of intervals

So I finally officially “started” my 1/2 marathon training yesterday. I did my first interval workout, which was pretty easy (I imagine for most people) but had my HR up quite a bit. It comprised of running 2 miles, then doing seven repeats of 1:00 segments at speed (not sprinting, but fast), followed by another 2 miles.

I hadn’t had any exercise for the 3 days returning from CO, so was feeling a little rusty. Also, it turns out that eating an entire bag of Milano cookies the night before is not, in fact, a good fueling option. Live and learn 🙂

I finished the workout. The intervals themselves were fine – 1:00 really isn’t that long – but the last 2 miles were not as enjoyable as they might have been. Overall I covered 5 miles.  Aerobicss today, Pilates tomorrow, and 8 miles during Matt’s bike race on Saturday.

Happy running!


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