Posted by: jawsome | January 15, 2009

Final training run

So I ran with my new Garmin yesterday!  So exciting. The heart rate monitor strap thingy is a little too big, so I had to tuck it up under my sports bra (gonna have to figure something out with that).  Garmin worked great, I did the 3 mile out and back at roughly race pace (minus any helpful adrenaline). When I got back, I plugged in and looked at my exciting data. I was a little disheartened to see how high my HR was considering how SLOW I am!  I am still waiting for the day I can start running faster! I know the course was somewhat uphill, but still – 12 min miles is SLOW.  Oh well, hopefully the HR monitor will help me train to run faster.

According the the “220-age” ratio (questionable validity apparently, but without further means such as a genetic analysis, it’s what I have to go with) my max HR is 194. I spent most of my time on this run in zone 4, with some time in zone 5 over the steep pitches. I came in with the same time as my first leg of the last run (32 minutes). Hopefully I’ll be able to make 1:10 this weekend….we’ll see!  The good news is there shouldn’t be any stream crossings and/or gargantuan boulders.

I can’t wait to take the HR monitor out to my Mesa (flat) loop and see how I do. I guess I’m supposed to spend most of my runs in zone 3, with one or two a week in zone 4/5. When I start training for the 1/2 marathon (next week!!), I’m encorporating more drills and tempo work to help increase the turnover, and improve my running economy.

I also decided that my glutes and quads need more attention, which mean more squats and lunges folks…

Finally, as an aside, I realized that I haven’t posted how I’m doing weight-wise recently. I reached my goal weight (130lbs) a few weeks ago, and have since dropped a couple extra pounds. I’m really not looking to lose any more weight at this point, just tone and get stronger for running. Still, it’s nice to have set a goal and actually accomplished it! Turns out I’ve inspired both my mom and step-mom to get back into exercise, which is great.

Sorry for the boring post – there will be pictures next time from the race!



  1. Wow, congrats on hitting your goal weight! That’s awesome. I want to be there soon. Good luck with your race this weekend!

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