Posted by: jawsome | January 12, 2009


Ok, so my pre-emptive blog post shaming worked, I ran Tucker’s Grove x2 this morning. It was hard! I was really pushing it to try and simulate race pace (although before the race this weekend I will be more awake, better hydrated and will have had breakfast). I pushed the first uphill hard, and made it in 17 minutes (1.6 miles) – the downhill was a faster (but not by much) 15 minutes for a 32 minute 5k. I walked for about 2 minutes here drinking water and eating a block (eeeww). The second uphill was slower, of course, I hit it at 20 minutes and was huffing when I reached the top. On the downhill I got a really bad gut cramp from the bouncing, but slowed down a little and pushed through. 16 minutes on the second downhill. So, an overall time of 1:10:35, which I was pretty happy with. I had a couple mini (30 second) walk breaks, and one big walk break in the middle, which seemed to work out.

I think if I keep my goal for Rio Bravo at 1:10:00, I should be able to make or surpass that. Wish me luck! I’m thinking of doing the 6.2 loop again on Wednesday if I get my Garmin, but I’m not sure if that would be bad or not so close to the race. I know it’s a short distance though, so I’m not sure.

Oh, and thanks to Holly on the Run for emphatically pushing me to try tech socks – so much better!

Happy running!


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