Posted by: jawsome | January 12, 2009


Ok, I’m putting it on the blog, so it’s going to happen. I’m running Tucker’s Grove x2 tomorrow morning before my interview at 12:30. Tucker’s Grove is an out and back, with about 280 feet of gentle climbing (with some rocky scrambles and a plethora of river crossings). If I do the out and back twice, it should simulate the overall elevation gain and distance of Rio Bravo (which is next Saturday, eeep!). Rio Bravo will be a little different, because all of its major climbing is one big hill in the middle, but at least I’ll have some idea of what time to shoot for. I’m expecting my Christmas Garmin 405 to come in the mail tomorrow, but it probably won’t make it in time for my run (unless the mailman is really early!).

I’m excited and nervous to see how I do on this practice run, because I haven’t really been training for this race in particular. I’m still in the base-building stage before my 1/2 marathon, but after Rio Bravo the training begins in earnest.

Ok, I’ve made a plan, and I’m sticking to it.

Incidentally, does anyone have any experience with tech socks? I’ve been running in plain old cotton, and my blisters are getting blisters. I have anti-chaffing gel, but it just hasn’t been cutting it. It’s not so much that I get blisters, but the calluses on my feel feel really sore and raw after a long run. Do tech socks help with this at all? Thoughts?



  1. Oh MAN, buy some socks. I get mine at Fleet Feet and won’t run in non-running socks. I have about 5 different pairs, different brands. Cotton socks are the worst.

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