Posted by: jawsome | January 4, 2009

Adding the distance back on

So the race is on to reassert my conditioning for Rio Bravo. After Christmas and getting sick, I haven’t done anything over 4 miles in two weeks :(. So today I laced up my new trail Mizuno’s, strapped on my new fuel belt (totally uneccesary but fun anyway), fired up the Garmin, and headed out (I love Christmas presents – I’m still waiting on my Garmin 405 monitor – can’t wait!).

I decided to reduce my carbon footprint today (apparently it’s all the rage, ha ha) and headed to my usual running spot direct from my home. I ran 8 miles (counting my warmup, which I’m counting!). I can’t wait for my heart rate monitor to come in because I really think it will help my training. I seem to be unable to detect any of the subtle (to me!) differences between “jogging” and “whoa that’s too fast!” I need to find a good pace based on my HR.

Ok, gotta cut this one short as I’m off to cheer on the Chargers (oh dear).

Happy running!


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