Posted by: jawsome | December 17, 2008


I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been feeling uninspired. I’ve gone on several shorter runs, but haven’t made it past 5 miles. I think I’m in a running funk, and it’s because I have to much to do it’s hard to justify taking 2 hours to run. Even when I MAKE time, I feel guilty during my run and don’t enjoy it.

I love the holidays, but there is just SO MUCH TO DO!

At least I’ve been controlling my eating so my lack of running hasn’t caught up. In fact, I’m only 1 lb away from my goal weight! I still feel flabby in parts, but I’m going to have to do something other than running to take care of that. Pilates? Something.

In other news, I have 8 interviews so far for internship sites – so that’s good at least. I had a phone interview at 6am this morning from a site in Indiana, and my brain is mush.

How do you all squeeze running into your holidays??



  1. What are you getting an internship for?

    I squeeze my runs in with groups, which makes it ok to run in the dark cuz we’re in a pack with reflectors and lights and stuff. Nothing too long (tonight it was 4 miles and it was HARD and I feel great!) and sometimes doubling up on the weekends. I ran both Saturday and Sunday, not too long (3.7 and then 2.3). I’m not really worrying about too much mileage, just keeping the base right now. Also I’ve got two in town little races to look forward to – “the last 10k” this Saturday, and a “Resolution 5k” on New Year’s day. 🙂

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