Posted by: jawsome | December 11, 2008

Running and Life

My life has been pretty stressful lately, as I’m waiting to hear back from sites about interviews for my final year in my PhD program (don’t get me started, I’ll go into a fugue).

Yesterday I decided I needed to go for a run, as that’s my new (healthier than binge-eating) coping mechanism.  Unfortunately I was feeling like crap physically, so I ran/walked. Today I still feel like crap (stress + drinking [also not a good coping mechanism] = probably not good for you). So I decided that instead of running my loop today, I’m going to walk it. Why not?  If I feel like running, I’ll run -but if not I’m walking and that’s ok too.

It’s amazing that I can run 10 straight miles on Sunday, and be incapable of running even two miles on Wednesday – proves to me more and more that running is mental. My head has not been in the right place lately, but if I keep at it and don’t give up, things will level out.

Seems like others out there in the blogosphere are having tough times too lately – I dedicate my run/walk today to you all! The inspiration to go out there and do what you can even when things are crappy is one of the things I love about this sport.

Keep on keeping on!


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