Posted by: jawsome | December 7, 2008

mega run

Well, I think we’ve outdone ourselves here in the Sulzner-Perry house. Matt went for a ridiculous mountain bike ride (7 hours!!!!) yesterday. I was pretty nervous actually because I didn’t realize he’d be gone so long (wasn’t part of the plan). When he finally called at 2pm, I was literally on the Goleta Sheriff’s webpage trying to decide if I should send out a rescue team. Luckily for all involved, Matt was only a LITTLE lost (3 extra hours lost!)

After that mega-effort, I was inspired to my own feats of greatness today. In the latest Runner’s World there is an article that focuses on helping runners decide what distance they are meant for (short distance, middle distance, long distance). There’s a little quiz and, trusting these as I do, I took it :). It turns out I’m meant for distance. A lot of the questions focused on what you want out of a run – I like to take my time, run long, and process things. I guess that’s my inner introvert coming out! So to try and test this theory, I decided to go for broke today on my run. According to Jeff Galloway’s training model, I’m supposed to be hitting my long runs at 13:00 min/mile pace (because I have such a slow [8min] mile time). So when I went out for my run, I didn’t set any expectations on speed, only on length of time and distance.

I set out without looking at the Garmin and tried to settle into a pace I thought I could maintain for a long time. When I looked down, I was surprised to see 11:30 on my pace. Oh well, I felt good and went for it. I enjoyed a nice long (really, really long) slow run. I can’t decide which I am more proud of – the fact that I ran 10 MILES or the fact that I ran for almost TWO HOURS.  See, 10 miles in 2 hours (well, 1 hour and 50 minutes) is pretty slow really, but I’m still pretty happy about it.

Ok, my hips are sore, my legs are sore, and my ability to concentrate has been maxed out by this blog post.

Happy running!



  1. WOW! Great job! I haven’t done 10 miles yet! I’m thinking I’ll do 7 first. 😉

  2. I should take that quiz… I bet I’m “middle distance” – I was a middle distance swimmer back in the day. I’m not a sprinter, I know that much.

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