Posted by: jawsome | November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 4-miler race report

First of all, I am so full and tired and happy right now I can hardly see straight. Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday – after all, I have a lot to be thankful for!

The race this morning went well. Matt went out for an early bike ride, and planned to meet me at the start about 15 minutes prior to the race. I jogged the 1/2 mile from my house to the starting line (talk about conveniently close!), and got in line for my bib. We estimated that there were about 300 people there – you could definitely tell the “casual family” groups from the “serious runners.” It makes me laugh a little.

Before the start

Before the start

I got my bib and warmed up, and then we headed toward the start. It was kind of a cluster, because they had to shut down a major road for 5 minutes while we ran along it. The guy in charge of the race was wandering around with a megaphone, and I couldn’t even hear the start over the crowds talking and shuffling around.  For some reason, my Garmin (which had been fully charged the night before) said it had a low battery – so I was nervous it would run out before the finish (I was right to be concerned, as it turned out).


The first mile was fine, I was trying to hold back from going out too fast. I felt good though, and when I saw a woman walking after only .70 miles I was reminded of the last 5k I ran in February (with no training). I chugged along, and eventually picked up an older gentleman who said my pace looked very similar to his. I ran with him for about 1.5 miles, but he stopped at the 2 mile water station and I kep cranking.  At mile 3, the Garmin died, right at the slightly (very slight) incline where I always lose steam (natch). Matt was there to provide support though, and encouraged me to pick up the pace. By 3.5 miles I still hadn’t heard my “finishing song” on my iPod, so figured I was ahead of my pace. When I hit the finish I it said 38:22, which is faster than my trial time – from my iPod mix, I thought I had gone faster, but in practice runs I had been running on the dirt path which is longer. It took me a couple seconds to cross the start line, so I’m pretty sure my real time was around 38:00. I wish my Garmin hadn’t pooped out so I could tell my real time! Good thing I asked for the 405 for Christmas.

All in all it was a good race, and I was happy with my time. We had friends and family over for dinner, and I had a guilt free meal.  Mmm, I love Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday!



  1. You look great! I think you and I are really close to the same pace. Of course the last 2 races I’ve done haven’t been MY pace, ha. And my next one is 6 miles, so who knows. But you did a great job!!

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