Posted by: jawsome | November 23, 2008

Saturday run

Matt and I did Pilates yesterday, and I am sore! It was a really good class at his gym – normally pilates leaves me feeling kind of like I wasted an hour, but this one was intense. My stomach muscles hurt just sitting up!

I went out for a run today, planning on going four miles. I hit the 2.5 mile mark and wasn’t ready to stop (that’s the turning point on my run) so I went ahead and did another lap. I have been feeling constrained by my Garmin lately because of the pressure to run fast. I found that I wasn’t looking forward to my run today, and kept putting it off and putting it off. Finally I decided to go for it and leave my Garmin at home. I let myself do a nice slow jog and actually enjoy my run, which was refreshing. I think that’s why I was feeling so good – I ended up doing 6 miles without stopping or walking once! By the last couple of miles, my Pilates abs were hurting (trying to hold myself upright!) but I made it.

Note to self- stop running at noon, genius. It’s really hot, and you get sunburned. Monday and Tuesday I plan on running my 4 mile course (I’ve been putting it off since it’s on the road – I hate running on the road). Wednesday will be a day off (maybe some yoga?) then the race on Thursday!

My blister wasn’t too pleased about the distance today, but I think it’ll hold together. I might try a direct application of duct tape on the Mon and Tues runs.

Happy weekend!


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