Posted by: jawsome | November 19, 2008

Training runs

Ran 3.4 on Monday, but the Garmin pooped out so I’m not sure how fast it was.

Over the past weeks I have developed a monumental blister that has now turned into a huge hole in the inner ball of my right foot. It’s not bloody or anything, but it is seriously deep and the inner part is very tender. I wanted to do 7 miles today, so I put some mole skin on the blister and wrapped it up in duct tape. This was only moderately effective, and after 4 miles I had to stop for fear of it getting worse. I have a race coming up next Thursday, and I want it to be slightly healed by then, so I decided not to push it.  Disappointing, but what can you do?

If anyone has any tips for taking care of bottom of foot blisters, let me know!



  1. Ohhh blisters! Bodyglide is very effective in preventing bisters and can be found at most of the better running stores. It helps to prevent friction between sock and foot. Keep an eye on blisters they can become infected. The only place I normally get blisters is below the toe nail. This is very painful and eventually forces the toe nail to fall off. During marathon training it’s normal for me to be missing half of my toe nails, I know, sounds sick but they grow back. It’s only closed toe sandals for me in the summer.

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