Posted by: jawsome | November 15, 2008

Weekend Runs

Well I’m down in San Diego this weekend – just in time to miss the Tea Fire. Why is it that every time I head down to San Diego, fire breaks out?? Now there’s a fire East of LA as well – fire season seems to be getting later and later each year. Sigh.

In my running news, I’ve been running around Rancho Santa Fe near my parents’ house. I found a great challenging trail along the Del Dios Highway (not actually along the highway, across the gorge actually). I can reach it from the house, and it goes all the way up to Lake Hodges. It’s nice rolling hills, which is really good training for the Rio Bravo Duathlon I’m doing in January. I don’t have a lot of experience with hill climbing, so it’s been hard!

Plus, it’s really hot today so I got about 3 miles before starting to croak in the heat.

Friday: 4 miles  Saturday: 3.5 miles

Looking forward to another 4 miles tomorrow!


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