Posted by: jawsome | November 10, 2008

Endurance is mental

And I think I mean that in both senses of the word! I went out for my usual 3.4 m run this morning, with no intention to PR or do anything spectacular. I did want to work on some accelerations duing my run, and found these to be really helpful. I decided to start with a few sprints in the middle, doldrummy part of my run. I picked a bush 50 yards away, and sprinted to it. I then gradually decelerated to my normal pace. I was originally planning on walking in between my sprints, but was feeling good so skipped the walking. I did 4 of these short sprints, but by the time I was done I had covered almost a mile and taken significant time off my pace. I was kind of taken aback because I was expecting to be really tired (after all, sprinting = hard), but I felt good. Maybe my muscles just needed that wake up call, because I came in at 33:14, which takes another minute off my time! That’s less than a 10 min/mile pace (barely) which makes me happy.

I’ve also decided that I need to really start some strength training. I think I can do maybe 1 pushup, which is pathetic. I got back from my run and did some pilates stuff, which only increased my awareness of the mush that is my core. Tomorrow is a day off (yay for university holidays!) so I am planning on doing one of my tae bo tapes. Mock Billy Blanks all you want for his silly outfits, but that guy is hard core. Wednesday will see another 7 mile run (fingers crossed).

Happy running!



  1. Nice job! Keep up with the speed work and you’ll be running sub-10 minute miles for your 1/2 marathon!

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