Posted by: jawsome | November 9, 2008

Smooth Moves Weekends

Smooth Moves has been ressurected for the weekend. This weekend we did a run along the beach downtown.  That’s probably not a run I will do again – too many people and distractions make me anxious while running. Races are different – I like the energy then – but for training runs I like t get more zen.

In attendance were Mark & Christina, Dana, Shaun, and Shaun’s friend Ben (a smooth moves first timer). Dana, Shaun and Ben leaped off like a bunch of gazelles, and kept up a greuling pace. I couldn’t even see them after the first minute or so. I was feeling like crap due to too much wine the night before and was having a little pity party for myself on my run. I hate it when I do that, and usually I can snap out of it but not this time. I kept up a 10:30 pace, which isn’t terrible, but it’s pretty lame for what I’ve been doing lately. Matt made the comment (and I agree) that I probably need to start getting serious about doing some speed work because I’ve been stuck in this rut of a pace for what seems like EVER. I can’t start my half marathon training yet because it’s still so far away, but I’m def. going to incorporate some speed sections into my next runs.  Who knows, maybe that will shake me out of my funk.


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