Posted by: jawsome | November 8, 2008

Check in

Well, 3 of the 4 goals were accomplished today. Yoga was great, it always makes me feel more loose and relaxed. I PR’d on my run by a full minute (wohoo!!!) I really pushed it, and even though a minute is a fairly signifcant amount of time for a short distance run I still feel like it was kind of weak for how hard I was working!  I have been trying out new sunscreens because they all make me sweat profusely – but I don’t want to be a walking billboard for melanoma either.  The new ‘screen today had me sweating so badly I think the people who passed me by must have thought I went for a swim in the middle of my run. Oh well!

Alas, Pilates did not happen due to a last minute lunch meeting. But I did make it to the health cen, and apparently my blood is all normal for the first time EVER. Sweet!  Diet and exercise, thank you for my health!

Now I’m off for scrumptious Indian food with Matt – happy Friday!


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