Posted by: jawsome | November 7, 2008

Workout Crazy

Ok, so I have a big day planned today. I have the day off, so I’m going to spend almost my entire day on my health (wahoo!). This morning, I am up early. I’m doing an AM yoga class provided free on cable (oxymoron). Afterwards, Japhy and I are heading up to more mesa for the standard 3.4 miles. I’m going to try to push it to see if I can beat my 35:20 PR. After that, it’s home to change for a noon Pilates class with Matt (he swears by it, and has developed rock hard abs in the last three months while my lower abs still mock me mercilessly). After THAT, I’m heading to the health center to have some tests done. I want to check how my blood pressure, heart rate, iron in my blood, and cholesterol have changed over the last 4 months.   I’ve lost 20lbs, but I want to see if there are other health related changes as well. I’d like to do a treadmill stress test, but I’m kind of scared…plus I don’t know if they do those at the health cen.

Anyway, here’s to health! I’ll report back with results because I know you’ll all be waiting breathlessly.


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