Posted by: jawsome | November 5, 2008

7 Miles…for real this time!

I just got back from a 7 mile run. That is the farthest I have ever run in my life!  Woot!  That’s one thing I love about training as a beginning runner – every long training run I do has the potential to be the longest run I’ve done!

I tried to prepare myself well for this run – I got up early to hydrate and eat an oat bar, and had a full glass of HEED (new berry flavor = eeeew!). I got out to More Mesa (of smooth moves fame) and decided to do two laps plus a little (.2) in the middle to make it a full 7 miles.  The weather was PERFECT. Sunny with cool breezes off the ocean, and about 68 degrees.  The first 3.4 miles flew by. I was really proud of myself, because I forgot my iPod at home and did the whole run sans music.  I’m taking a qualitative research class right now, and we’re studying naturalistic observations. One of the authors of an article I’m reading is also an avid runner, and he talked about focusing individually on each of his senses for a period of time. For the first three miles of my run I thought about the sounds I could hear (the waves, my breath, footfalls, birds, dogs barking in the distance), the smells I smelled (the ocean, wet earth, herbs, horse droppings (!)), and the sights (mountains on one side, the ocean on the other, boats floating by, birds in the air). It was actually a very calming process, and I felt good about taking this time for myself.  By mile 4 I was starting to get a little tired (damn you mile 4, you always kill me!). The next mile or so I was kind of in a funk because I realized that I was running pretty slow (11min miles). I decided to aim for an hour and 20 minute finish time. The last two miles were good, because one was downhill and the other was the final mile (always easier). I lapped a couple of ladies who were walking, which for some reason made me feel good.

I finished in 1:19:20.  I’m still slow, but I’m going the distance! Considering I hiked 20 miles this weekend and didn’t have my iPod, I guess 11:20 minutes miles isn’t completely terrible. Hopefully I’ll start to get faster soon!



  1. yay that is SO awesome! 7 miles is just amazing. i’ll get there eventually… if i can stop getting injured! geez.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog, 7 miles is a great feat. Congrats! I’m trying to get back into distance running after some injuries and time off. It’s always good to see new runners get excited about running. I have never been a big fan of I-Pods while running. Running has always been a release for me, a chance to get away and really enjoy the surroundings. It’s amazing the things that you see, hear and feel while running. You mention focusing mentally while running. I find there are more scattered thoughts in my head the more out of shape I’m in. When my physical condition is good my mind follows. Good luck!

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