Posted by: jawsome | October 23, 2008

Running with others

I have determined that running with others is a mixed bag. When we run Smooth Moves, it’s great because there is zero pressure and we all run at our own pace.  When I ran with my friend Dana yesterday however, it was pretty brutal. Dana ran track with me in High School, but she has always been a distance person. She ran both the LA and San Diego marathons, and is basically one of the most fit people I know. She’s staying with Matt and I for a month while on a med school rotation, and since I’m finally in somewhat of good shape I thought I might be able to hack it on one of her slow runs. Ha.  I guess the problem is my self-esteem – Dana has always been fitter and slimmer than me, and going to the beach with her in High School (or trying on clothes for that matter!) was always torturous. So, I naturally wanted to run well when we ran together. I think my mistake was not bringing my garmin. I have no natural sense of pace, and I’m pretty sure we did the first mile of our 4 miles in 8:30. WAY too fast for me to keep up over a long run.  So I chugged along slowly, and we finished the run, but I felt lame.  Dana of course was very nice about it, but I think I felt bad about keeping her “jogging” while I was “sprinting”. Seriously, she kept up a running monologue the entire run and I could barely get out a “yeah” or “uh-huh.”

My mistake: comparing myself to someone who has run distance her whole life. I have been running for what, 3.5 months??!! I’m not sure that running with Dana is good for my running self-esteem at this point in my training! Oh well, 4 miles is 4 miles, and Smooth Moves is definitely on for tonight!



  1. i found my running group though a running store – fleet feet. there is a running club up here called empire runners and yeah, they do runs at 7:30 pace. YEAH RIGHT.

    my other group is a triathlon group, called jill b. nimble. a lot of them are active in the running community as well so i do runs with them sometimes too!

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