Posted by: jawsome | October 20, 2008

6 miles

I forwent the long run this weekend in favor of a hike with Matt. We hiked some beautiful trails in Montecito (very steep!).  We got up early on Saturday and were out the door by 7:45.  It was nice to be some of the only people out there. On the hike we encountered several memorial benches (something Santa Barbarians apparently like to erect for their dead loved ones), a huge “I love you” sign made of rocks, and a trickling hot spring.  All in all a good 4.5 mile hike.

Got up early this morning to get out for a run. I’ve been frustrated lately by only making it out three times a week due to my schedule (and lack of ability to get up early!). Well this morning I was out the door by 7:30 – which for many of you may seem like a normal time, but for me it’s early!  It was really chilly this morning, so that made it even harder to get out of bed.  I doubled up on the long sleeves, and headed out through the neighborhood.  The first mile of my 6 mile loop is always fairly fast (around 9:15) because it’s a gentle downhill (I love!). The next mile was ok, spotted a cute lab puppy while on a walk break so got some cuddles.  Mile 3 was rough, as was mile 4 (I hate these middle miles – it’s like you’re not fresh, and you’re not close to the end either). I slowed WAAAAY down for these miles and was in a funk until I hit mile four. That’s the turn around on my loop, and I started picking up the pace. I knew from the Garmin that I was way off pace for my last 6 miler due to miles 3 and 4 sucking, but whatever, I was determined to have a good run.  Mile 5 I hit a really loud/upbeat song on my iPod, and cranked out the last mile in 8:35!  I don’t know how that happens, you’re so tired but then it’s like, “well, it’s only a mile left!” That always gets me going.  I did the 6 miles in 1:05:02, so I guess my fast first and last mile made up for some clunkers in the middle.  Ok, off to work to bring home some bacon.


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