Posted by: jawsome | October 16, 2008


So I ran my longest run ever on Sunday – 6.4 miles!  I was aiming for a 10k, but my math was off so ended up going farther. Actually, my total distance was more like 7.4 miles because I walked .5 miles for warmup and cooldown.

I felt pretty good on the run – it was a nice cool evening, and other runners were out en masse. I find that sometimes it helps to follow someone who is close to my own pace.  I ran the first 4 miles pretty quickly (for me) to test how I’m doing for my upcoming 4 miler. I did the 4 miles in 41 minutes (a 4 minute improvement over last time!).  I slowed down a little after that, but still pulled in my 6.4 miles in 67 minutes. Not too shabby, I thought.  Matt says he thinks I’ll be able to do that 10k in just under an hour by January.  I think I’m setting that as my goal.

I ran 5m this afternoon with Japhy. Took almost the same course as the 6 mile, but lopped off the middle mile and headed back early.  It was HOT this afternoon, and I didn’t have quite enough water so my mouth was kinda gummy. Yuck. I have also determined that leash runs with japhy add about 4 minutes to my times because I am always waiting for him, chasing him, or disentangling him from someone else.  You’re a pain Japhy!  But he loves it so much I hate to go without him.  Slow on purpose today, just taking a nice jog to work out the cobwebs.

Smooth moves tomorrow!



  1. wow, you’re doing awesome! i haven’t ramped up my miles quite yet, just hanging out at the 5 mile mark for a bit. one of these weekends i’ll shoot for 6!

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