Posted by: jawsome | October 8, 2008

Running while stupid

I did something really stupid this morning. I went out for my long run, but left it pretty late (I didn’t get out until almost 9am).  We’re going through a mini-heat wave, and the thermometer says 77 degrees. I didn’t bring any water. When I hit the 3.4 mile mark, I was feeling pretty good so I decided to keep going. I ended up running another 2 miles, bringing me up to 5.4 miles.  Around 4.5 miles into it, I started feeling kind of funny – my hands were throbbing and I had this ringing in my ears (although the ear-ringing is a familiar feeling).  I knew I was getting dehydrated, but I figured I only had another mile to go. By the time I got to the last .5 mile, I was really hurting, and Japhy was looking a little haggard as well. I was feeling really light-headed, and needed water, so I didn’t do any cool down – just hopped in the car. Bad idea. I got about a mile down the road and started feeling REALLY light headed and nauseous. I had to pull over – luckily there is a water fountain in the parking lot of the Goleta Valley Hospital, so Japhy and I were able to get some water (I’m not sure the hospital staff were so stoked on Japhy drinking from the fountain, but whatever).  Made it home ok to weigh myself and learn that I had lost over 3 lbs (!) on my run (water of course!).

Note to self: be less stupid in the future and bring water and food on long runs when it’s hot! On the upside, I ran the 5.4 miles in 55  minutes! I didn’t feel like I was going that fast, but I did feel really tired after…



  1. yeah, not the smartest idea! you should get a fuel belt! but good run at least! 🙂

    my tri is:
    .5 mile swim
    11 mile bike
    3.1 mile run

    they’re all not THAT long but they’re hard when you put them together!

  2. I was laughing (kind of — dehydration can be serious) at your post. I did an 11 mile run a few weeks ago and took nothing — no water, no food. At mile 8 I was feeling light-headed and STARVING. I self-diagnosed low blood sugar, and fortunately I was right by an AM/PM. I had no money, but they have tap water and sugar packets for free, and with those, I made it the 3 miles back home. I won’t be doing the “long run/no fuel or water” thing again!

  3. I have a sweet utility belt if you wanna borrow it– space for just enough juice to keep you going.

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