Posted by: jawsome | October 5, 2008

5 miles again

My 5 mile run yesterday went relatively well. I tried running at a new location: Ellwood Mesa. I was hoping that Ellwood would be better for my longer runs (less crowded and boring than the bike path) because it’s larger and I wouldn’t have to do laps. Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with the landscape and I got a little lost. I ended up next to a golf course (which Japhy, as you can imagine, thought was the best EVER) and the path dead ended. I had to bushwack back across the BMX course before I found the main trail again.  Good times.  I also tried to run the whole way this time instead of run/walking. Not only was this unsuccessful, but it wasn’t as enjoyable. I think I need to find some happy medium between the strict run/walk strategy where I have to constantly look at my Garmin, and the no-walk…wait, yes-walk-because-I’m-dead-tired strategy. With my getting lost and bushwacking, I came in at 60:01-only two minutes slower than the paved completely flat bike path – not too bad, considering.

Hmmm…well, Monday will be the test. I’m going to see if I can get up early enough to get to the mesa, run 4-5 miles, get back, shower, and get to my meeting before 11am. This may sound doable to most people, but I am NOT a morning person. I’ve thought about this lately, and I’m not really a night person either.  I guess I’m just a person who likes to sleep. A lot.  🙂

Today Matt and I are going back to Ellwood, but to mountain bike this time. This will be my first Mtn. bike ride in, oh, a year or so! Wish me luck.

18 miles this week!



  1. do you know how to program your garmin to beep at you for the intervals? then you don’t have to look at it, though you do need to keep your music a little lower. 😉 if you don’t – let me know and i’ll walk you through it! 🙂

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