Posted by: jawsome | October 3, 2008

Nutrition and weight loss

Well, I hopped on the scale this morning to see how my weight is coming along – and was surprised to see 136.5 lbs!  That’s a total weight loss of 18.5 lbs!  Woohoo! Since I can’t fit into any of my pants anymore, I’m rewarding myself by going shopping today for a new pair of jeans.  I have to control myself because I’m really broke right now, but I deserve (and need!) one pair of pants that fits!  By the time of the turkey trot next month, I should be down in my goal weight area of 130lbs – then I get a new clothes shopping spree. That’s going to be my Christmas gift to myself this year.

It’s kind of interesting, because I didn’t think I was THAT overweight when I started. Now I’ve lost almost 20lbs, but I still have quite a bit (double handful) of fat on my stomach, and also a lot on my thighs.  Where is the weight loss coming from?!  I read in my nutrition book that women tend to pack on weight intramuscularly first, so you can’t really see weight gain initially on the body. After all those fat pockets are full, then the body starts placing subcutaneous fat. So maybe I’ve been working on all my internal fat for these few months, and the subcutaneous stuff is up next!  Couldn’t be fast enough for me!

I’ve found that with exercising and trying to maintain a healthy diet, I’ve become more aware of what my body needs. I feel the differences more acutely in my body when I eat certain foods – and unfortunately I think I’m going to have to stop eating cheese!  😦  The last two times I’ve had pizza I’ve felt really ill (and this is only 2-3 slices, not the whole pizza I used to eat!)  I had macaroni and cheese last night and my stomach was NOT pleased.  Sad, because I love cheese!  I think in small doses like on sandwiches will be ok, but I’m going to have to limit to one slice of pizza from now on!

Smooth moves went well last night, despite being unseasonably hot and windy. We clocked in at 26.28, which is an improvement for the group of almost a minute and a half! Matt came with us, and although I was hoping to kick his butt since he hasn’t been running, he schooled me as usual. Oh well.  It’s yogalates for me today (Matt calls it Piloga), then tomorrow I’m heading for 5m again. I decided to stick at 5m this week instead of bumping up to 6 because My big race isn’t for a long time and I don’t want to overtrain.  I’m going to try to get comfortable at each distance before moving on.

Happy running!



  1. Once you start doing your longer runs, you’re going to have to start bringing some food along with you. I suggest this…

    Of course this only works if you can stomach energy gels. And you still need to bring along some water.

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