Posted by: jawsome | October 2, 2008

Running with intensity

I remember a couple of months ago when I was just starting running and had slogged through a 3 mile run/walk. I wondered aloud to Matt if it would ever get any easier. His response is resonating with me particularly after my run last night. He said that no, it doesn’t get easier because you will continually push yourself to run faster. So if I was originally doing the 3 miles in 50 minutes and feeling like I had just run for my life from a giant Tyranosaur, now I am running my 3 miles in 30 minutes and and still feeling like I am running from a Tyranosaur.  I suppose he’s right, because the idea of going back and running REALLY slowly is not appealing, even if it would be easier now that it was 3 months ago.

So I ran 3.4 miles yesterday. Normally with Smooth Moves I do this in 38 minutes. I really pushed it yesterday and got in at 35:47! I was probably not in the ideal training mode during my run (more huffing and puffing than usual) but I felt the urge to see how hard I could push it. I plan on going much slower at Smooth Moves tonight!

In other news, Matt and I purchased one of those foam roller things, and my IT band (which doesn’t even bother me) was really tight – that roller sure has a knack of finding potential problem spots. Matt, who has been saying his hamstrings are tight, discovered that actually it’s his calves that are having the real issues. I don’t care what Galloway says, I like stretching. I promise not to do it on cold muscles. 🙂



  1. Hey I found you on the bog community.. and started running again. I have one of those roller things for my IT Band. I had to go to physical therapy. And I loooove it. It works greats on other parts of your body. Like your hamstrings and back. I’m just now getting to 5 miles. And takes me about 60 mintues. Hopefully I can push myself like you someday.

  2. “Blog community”

  3. i totally get what you’re saying! it’s still as hard as it ever was, but i’m faster now! so funny.

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