Posted by: jawsome | September 29, 2008

5 Miles!

Ok, so I incorporated the run/walk method on my five mile run today.  I chose the 4/1 ratio (run four, walk one).  It was different, and I think will take some getting used to. For one thing, I had Japhy with me – and sir say-hello-to-everyone-in-sight was pretty annoying as I ran along our fairly crowded bike path. Japhy is henceforth banned from on-leash runs.  I’m only taking him when I run in open spaces where he can chase ground squirrels with impunity. Also, I found constantly checking the garmin for pace, distance, and time to be a little distracting. At first, I was trying to really push myself and go at sub 10 min mile pace. On a normal run (sans garmin) I would have thought I was doing this, but my body would just naturally slow down without external feedback as I got tired. With the Garmin however, I could tell when I was slowing down. I’m sure this will be a benefit later on when I get more fit, but for now I need to remember that I’m a newbie and need to be easier on myself. When I stopped looking at the pace and settled in around 11 min miles I was much happier.

All in all it was a somewhat distracted run, but I did the 5 mile distance in 58 minutes. Not great, but not terrible either. Next run will be 4 miles on Wednesday. Tomorrow is a total rest day as school has started again and I go 8-8.

In other news, Matt won his bike race yesterday!  He sort of sandbagged the beginner class (beat the next person by 7 minutes!) but still, this was his first bike race since ’96!  Way to go Matt!



  1. Yeah, the garmin can simultaneously be an awesome training tool and someone of a mean motivator! HAHAH. Like how it classifies anything slower than a 10:00 mile pace “jogging”. It’s my running pace, silly machine!

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