Posted by: jawsome | September 28, 2008

Stupid Injuries

So, occasionally I work at a local horse ranch for money (horseback riding is something I have done my entire life – although less now that I have to pay for it myself). Today I offered to help out, and what do I do? Ruin my right shin. I was dumping a wheelbarrow (and if you know anything about wheel barrows, you know they are ornery inventions indeed) and when I brought it back down, I cracked the wheel axle across the top of my right shin. Hard. Really hard. I can hardly walk. I am such a spaz.  Luckily, this wound is fairly superficial and will likely require only a few days rest. Instead of my long run tomorrow, I think I’m up for a bike ride instead.  Maybe I’ll be up to a long run on Monday.

In other news, Matt is competing in a mountain bike race tomorrow, so I am going tomorrow to be suportive. Should be a good time.


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