Posted by: jawsome | September 26, 2008

Smooth Moves (2)

So I’ve been experimenting with my pre-run beverage (I used Hammer – lemon lime). I think I drank a little too much before smooth moves! I was feeling kind of funny the whole run – not nauseous, but something similar. Less is apparently more for a pre-run beverage.

Sarah, Shaun, and Christina were in attendance, and we rocked the 3.4 mile distance in 38 minutes. I know that exactly because Shaun was kind enough to loan me his Garmin for my training (woot!). Now I will no longer be a slave to google pedometer.

I still haven’t gotten up the courage to get to a local track to run (I don’t know what my problem is, I’m sure the peewee football players could care less that I’m making a huffing, puffing fool of myself).  Maybe today will be the day.

I also finally got a training journal, so have been trying to keep track of my runs that way. I’m all set up for a 17 mile week this week.  5 mile “long” run this Sunday – will be the farthest I have ever run (not counting the locking myself out of my car incident).  I am going to make a concerted effort to get over my pride and try to do some walking – I’m sure I could run the 5 miles without walking, but I don’t want to injure myself. Plus apparently adding walking can actually decrease your overall run time (?!) we’ll see!



  1. adding in walk breaks can DEFINITELY make your overall time faster! i’ve seen charts and graphs to this extent. you’ll run the run segments faster just by taking little walk breaks. i amazed myself at my first 10k – i did a 4/1 pattern, and i finished just over an hour (1:04:something). i couldn’t believe it! my overall pace was just about a 10 minute mile – i can run that for a mile or two, but not longer! even averaging in my walk breaks it was 10s, meaning i was running 8 minute pace piles on those 4 minute breaks. so very, very cool.

    and p.s. i LOVE my garmin.

  2. Thanks for the additional support of a run/walk program. I’m going to test it out on Sunday!

  3. You will be so safe, clearing the 3 hour mark, with any run/walk pattern. My coach at fleet feet REALLY sticks by doing a 4/1 pattern, even in marathons! But, some people feel like on a longer run, that’s too short. It’s VERY VERY common for even fast runners to take a short walk break every mile. So 8/1 is another option.

    My coach sent me a cool chart comparing different patterns and total race times. It’s to show that adding in a walk break will give you a very good time. AND it make sure that you can hold a pace that you might not be able to hold for a full 13.1 miles.

    I’m pretty sure that you’ll be able to run a 10 minute mile pace by the time you do the race, so if you follow the 4/1 pattern, you should get a 2:20!

    Here’s the chart – I put it on google spreadsheets to share it with you. 🙂

    When I do a half, I’ll either do 4/1, 6/1, or 8/1. Not sure yet! Depends on what the person I’m running with wants to do. 🙂

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