Posted by: jawsome | September 25, 2008

Wine Country Half Marathon

Ok, I may be losing my mind and/or getting in a little over my head here, but I’m going to try for a half-marathon in May. That’s 8 months from now, and given that I can run 4-5 miles fairly easily (albeit not quickly) I don’t think it’s a totally absurd goal.  My goal half is the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon. It looks awesome, and is fairly flat/downhill so hopefully won’t totally annihilate me. So, training program week 5 of Jeff Galloway’s half marathon program, here I come!  I hope I can get 5 miles in this Sunday – with Matt’s mountain bike race and all the school work I have, it could be a challenge.  I’m going to do it – I’ll make time.

Smooth moves this afternoon, gonna see if I can hit anyone up to train for the half with me. Which reminds me – I need to register for that race and the Turkey Trot – registering makes it real!



  1. My old roomie lives in Santa Barbara, she and I are planning to do a half together next year! But we’re shooting for the Santa Cruz half marathon, so we each get a little travel out of the deal. I run about the same amount as you do right now, so it will be fun to see our training schedules match up!

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