Posted by: jawsome | September 24, 2008


Well, I went for a longer than intended run yesterday! I was planning on my usual 3.4 mile loop on More Mesa. Near the end of my run, I decided to push it a little farther, and ran about another 1/2 mile.  I was feeling good as I made my way to my car – only to realize I’d locked my keys inside!  (I do this all the time. I actually had a magnetic key holder on my muffler that I used only 2 weeks previously when I did this. Unfortunately, it broke while opening it, so was not there to save me this time).  Luckily, I live only about a mile and a half from the mesa (I choose to drive there because I dislike running on the roads).  So, I shrugged my shoulders and Japhy and I ran the additional 1.5 miles back to the house. There were a couple walk breaks in there, but all in all I ended up covering around 5.5 miles.  Man was I tired!  I’m supposed to Xtrain today, but I’m still really tired and it’s hard to get up the motivation. We’ll see how I do!



  1. That is too funny that we both did this! My husband does it much more than I do, he’s the reason we have the hide-a-keys. But they aren’t very helpful when I can’t find them!!

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