Posted by: jawsome | September 22, 2008

4 miler trial run

I just got back from a trial run of the Thanksgiving 4-miler. Whew!  What an accomplishment for me – I have never run four miles without stopping in my life EVER. I did it in 45 minutes, but I wasn’t going race pace, so I figure that will put me in line for a sub 40 time in 2 months. Woot.

The first part of the course was along a busy road, which sucked, but it was only about 3/4 miles long, so I bustled on through. I took it easy for the first 2 miles, then kicked it up a notch for mile 3.  Mile four got progressively slower, as I didn’t know the course well and was suffering some psychological fatigue. But, before I knew it I was at the finish line, and still in good form.

My hips and achilles are a little miffed, but some stretching and soaking and a day of rest should remedy that.  Ready for some serious dinner (Turkey, no less!)


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