Posted by: jawsome | September 21, 2008

Thanksgiving day 4-miler

So I’ve decided on my first race: the Goleta Thanksgiving Dat 4-miler. It’s not a 5k, so it will be hard to judge time goals, but I think if I can do it in sub 40 minutes that will be awesome. Likely it will be 42 or so, but we’ll see. I’m hoping that all the trail running I’ve been doing will make running on pavement feel super easy.

My grandma passed away this year, so my mom and step-dad are coming up to our house for Thanksgiving. They’re even doing the 4-miler with me! How is that for family support!? The jury is still out on whether Matt’s bum knee will allow him to race, but we’d love to have him as well.

The four mile race is not in my ideal location (the first 9/10ths goes right along Hollister, which is a busy 4 lane road), but hopefully the momentum of so many other runners will help me stay focused. I am also looking forward to eating a healthy Thanksgiving dinner, guilt free! Talk about working up an appetite.

I’ve been running 3.4 miles without stopping for a little over a week – hopefully I’ll have enough time between now and November to really rock the 4-mile distance (and at least beat SOME of the 70 year old men!)


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