Posted by: jawsome | September 20, 2008

Smooth Moves

Well, I’ve started a new chapter of my life, and instead of sending a mass e-mail, making really long status posts on Facebook, or exceeding my word limit on Twitter, I decided to join the 21st century and start my own blog.

Those of you who know me well know all about the struggle that is keeping healthy and happy while in grad school. Those of you who know me REALLY well remember that at one time in my life I was actually in shape (and I’m talking about a shape other than round here people).  Recently, Matt and I went to the fabulous High Sierra Music Festival. When I say everyone there was tanned, fit and healthy, I am only slightly exaggerating. Matt and I had quite a wake up call. Look at us:

So other than the sad aesthetics of being the fattest people there, we realized that our lifestyle of pizza and beer was not cutting it.  As soon as we got back, we vowed to work on our nutrition and overall health (which, I hoped, might have an impact on the scale as well).

Matt went fairly extreme, starting a Paleo Diet. I decided to stick with the tried and true eat less exercise more method.  Two and change months into it, and together we’ve lost 32 lbs! (20 for Matt and 12 for me – it’s not fair, but what can you do?)

I’ve started running again, and although Coach Ranoa (my high school track coach) would be disappointed in the lack of vomitting on my runs, I think I’m making some progress. I decided to start this blog to document my adventures in running, health and nutrition. Enjoy or ignore at will!



  1. You may’ve felt fat, but your picture tells the truth! Someone heavier than the two of you immediately in the background 😉

    In all seriousness, I think it’s great that Matt and yourself have pushed in this direction, I’m always inspired when my friends challenge themselves.

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